Why a lawyer should be a part of your business plan

Why a lawyer should be a part of your business plan

Small-Business-Need-A-LawyerIf you are a small business, it is crucial that you have a lawyer in your arsenal. In the business world, you could get served on any ordinary day. Your business could be destroyed even before it takes off. Good legal representation is as important to a new business as a well-thought-out business plan or hard-earned seed capital. The following are some instances in which you may need to involve a lawyer.

When writing the employee handbook
As a start-up, as soon as you hire your first employee, you are at risk of an employee lawsuit. This is why you should hire a lawyer from the very onset review your employee handbook. An employee handbook contains the businesses’ purpose, policies and practices. A lawyer with the technical know-how will make sure your practices are in line with state and federal law, and at the same time cushioning you from unexpected liability.

When a government inspector stops by
We all dread the regular impromptu visits by the government inspector. Even if we have done nothing wrong and everything is up to par, our self-doubt won’t let us proper. What if you didn’t have to worry anymore? With a lawyer that is well acquainted with the regular changes to state and federal employment law, those days are gone. They will ensure you and your business are protected every step of the way.

If a harassment claim is filed
This is a very sensitive issue since opinions are relative. What one may find funny, another may be utterly offended by. And just like that, you will have a harassment claim on your hands. Such a situation should be handled with the uttermost care and seriousness as it could potentially blow up. Who better to deal with this than your lawyer who is experienced with dealing with conflicting parties?

If you just got served
The first thing you should do if you are served with a lawsuit is to contact your lawyer. As unwarranted as it may seem, it is not advisable, whatever the circumstances, to directly contact the individual or party that is suing you. They may take advantage of the situation and file a harassment claim against you. It is therefore best to leave all communication to your lawyer.

You need to fire someone
Laying someone off is no easy task. No one hires expecting to have to fire. Unfortunately, it is inevitable. It is even worse when it is not taken well and blown out of proportion. To avoid this, it is best you consult your lawyer so it is done as lawfully right as possible.

Filing a patent
This process can be very expensive and time consuming. Furthermore, it could take years to receive the patent approval. Luckily, there are patent attorneys that specialize in this kind of thing. Their specialty is different and so are the laws they have to learn. Consequently, they can evaluate a product and determine if it is worth the businesses’ while.

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