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The Martin Chronicles

Just a few days ago, a not-so-veiled swipe at the politics of “triangulation” fueled speculation that former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley was gearing up for a challenge to Hillary Clinton. His exact fightin’ words: “Triangulation is not a strategy that will … Continue reading

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Marco . . . Rubio?

I’m in Washington, D.C., where some of the political buzz centers around Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and the “to be or not to be”/”will he or won’t he?” question of his future plans. Here’s Rubio’s dilemma: run for re-election in … Continue reading

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Life After Boxer, In Brief

And so, of all the senators up for reelection in 2016, Barbara Boxer becomes to first domino to fall — the fourth-term California Democrat announcing Thursday that she’s headed for retirement. Two things about Boxer’s decision: 1) It probably won’t … Continue reading

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How Long Does the Senate Stay Republican?

You won’t hear much talk about the House changing hands in 2016. With 247 seats under Republican control, Nancy Pelosi would need a Democrat landslide the likes of which hasn’t been seen since 2006 to make that happen. As there … Continue reading

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In Louisiana, One Last Hail Mary

In case you forgot, there’s still a Senate race to determine in Louisiana — a runoff that’ll occur next Saturday. On paper, this shouldn’t be close. Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu trails by 15.7%, according to the Real Clear Politics average. … Continue reading

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In Louisiana: Hail Mary Time

A good question posed by this Politico article: “Does Mary Landrieu have a prayer?” Why the dire religious overtones? It begins with this internal poll showing GOP Rep. Bill Cassidy holding a 16-point lead over Landrieu in their Dec. 6 runoff … Continue reading

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Don’t They Have Opera In Alaska?

Maybe it has something to do with the polar invasion that’s about to descend upon the continent, but up in Alaska maybe it’s too frigid for the fat lady to come out and do her thing — and so the … Continue reading

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