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Aging Like Fine Swine

During the closing days of the election, we’ll share some of the closing arguments being made in the battleground races. Here’s a new ad from Joni Ernst, the Republican Senate challenger in Iowa. Entitled “Lot”, it’s actually familiar turf for … Continue reading

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For Republicans: Michigan Senate Blues

Two story lines emerging from the Wolverine State this fall: 1) What happened to the University of Michigan’s storied football program (the 3-4 Wolverines face the unpleasant task of visiting #8 Michigan State next weekend)? 2) What happened to the … Continue reading

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Ranking the Senate Races

If it’s volatility you craze, might I suggest college football . . . ? The top team in the country, as of this writing, is the Mississippi State Bulldogs. Five weeks ago, the same team from Starkville was unranked. Never … Continue reading

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TGIF: A Campaign Cocktail Sampler

As it’s Friday and hopefully you have Happy Hour plans, here’s some info from around the country to give both parties a reason to raise their glasses. For Democrats: 1) This WMUR Granite State Poll showing that Democratic Sen. Jeanne … Continue reading

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Kansas Jayshock

Five times in the last two campaign cycles, Republicans have run Senate candidates whose collective awfulness deprived the GOP of doable wins in Colorado, Delaware, Indiana, Missouri and Nevada. Add those five cases of snatching defeat from the jaws of … Continue reading

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Voting Early — Often

Quietly, last week and relatively little fanfare, voting began in Iowa, the scene of a pivotal Senate race (and a heated candidates’ debate last weekend that covered everything from ISIS and Social Security to mega-meddlers Tom Steyer and the Koch … Continue reading

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Overtime Scenarios

Now that we’re inside 1,000 hours until Election Day (936 hours and shrinking, when the sun rose this morning), it’s time to ask: what do political junkies once the voting is over? The answer: if they’re lucky, the election goes … Continue reading

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