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Boxer — The Final Round?

The best way to raise California Republicans’ hopes for 2014? Start talking 2016 — and the buzz that Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer plans to call it a day at the end of this, her fourth term in the “World’s Most … Continue reading

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56 Days to Go: Senate Watch

With 56 days to go, here are three looks at possible Senate outcomes for November. First up: Stuart Rothenberg, the esteemed election handicapper. He’s predicting a Republican gain of 7 seats. Actually. Rothenberg is comfortable with anything from 5-8 seats. … Continue reading

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The Top-Ten, Bottom-Ten in the Senate

Here’s a list you don’t want to make if you’re running in 2014 to keep your job on Capitol Hill: Roll Call’s monthly ranking of the 10 most vulnerable senators. The top-10/bottom-10, for September: 1) Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu 2) Arkansas … Continue reading

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Out of Africa, Into Arkansas

Politicians have been called some pretty terrible things in this election.  In Alabama, for example, GOP Rep. Mo Brooks accused Democrats of wanting to wage “a war on whites” that dates back to Barack Obama’s first presidential run. Then there’s Indiana Rep. … Continue reading

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Elvis Lives — in Alaska

Call it art imitates life — or, more precisely, politician imitates artist. Among the many urban legends associated with Elvis Presley: that he once pulled out a gun and opened fire on a 25-inch RCA — all because he couldn’t bear … Continue reading

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College Football as Senate Salvation

I have an op-ed running right now on — how Senate Democratic hopefuls running for their lives in 2014 below the Mason-Dixon Line should embrace that holiest of the South’s institutions: college football, whose regular season kicks off in earnest … Continue reading

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Evoking Foley: Too Soon?

On Sunday, mourners packed Holy Rosary Church in Rochester, NY, for a memorial service for journalist James Foley, who was killed last week by Middle East extremists after being held captive for two years. The following day, an image of Foley’s … Continue reading

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