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Even Blue States Get The Blahs

Forget about cats being the epitome of indifference (it’s not my line — I stole it from The Big Bang Theory). In 2014, it’s the American voter who, given the choice between red and blue, seems to be trending blasé. … Continue reading

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California Gubernatorial Debate — Tonight!

If you’re a voting resident of the Golden State and are looking for some other form of visual entertainment after the first half of tonight’s Seahawks-Packers game, then check your local listings for the gubernatorial debate. Yes, Gov. Jerry Brown … Continue reading

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Brown-Kashkari Make a Debate Date

News on the California front: Gov. Jerry Brown and his Republican challenger, Neel Kashkari, have agreed to a candidates debate. When: Thursday, Sept. 4, 7 p.m. (West Coast time)  Where: Sacramento How (to see or hear it): California public broadcasting, … Continue reading

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Guard, Turn, Brown, Perry, Dodge, Spin, Thrust . . .

I penned this op-ed for The Sacramento Bee on the feud between California Gov. Jerry Brown and Texas Gov. Ricky Perry — why Perry is Brown’s true rival instead of the long-shot Republican who hopes to unseat him this fall. That’s … Continue reading

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South of the Border, Down Mexico Way

California Gov. Jerry Brown is in Mexico this week, signing an accord on climate change and — finally — interjecting himself into the border crisis debate. I choose the word “finally” because Brown was all-in on immigration in 2013, promising to … Continue reading

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