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Democratic Loss in 2014 = Hillary Win in 2016?

This week’s fun theory making the rounds in Washington: the biggest winner in a Republican takeover of Congress in 2014 would be . . . Hillary Clinton, the Democrat with the most to gain in 2016. The theory, put forward … Continue reading

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Hamlet, the Sequel?

Think back to 1991 and the days leading up to the filing deadline for the rolling year’s New Hampshire primary. Bill Clinton was in. However, his campaign feared a last-minute entry by then-New York Gov. Mario Cuomo. The fear: no … Continue reading

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On the Trail, Which Clinton to Invite?

What to do when your book tour starts to wind down? Try shifting to print interviews. Or so it seems with Hillary Clinton, who shows up for a q&a on career advice in the September edition of Glamour (available on newsstands … Continue reading

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A Familiar Clinton Story — Does It Really Matter?

First, the British media ran with the story, now The National Enquirer is chiming in with a second-hand account about Bill Clinton and an alleged affair that’s been on-again and off-again during his post-presidency. The original source: this book on the Secret … Continue reading

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