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Four Days Remaining — Four Governors Races To Watch

Twenty years ago, amidst the Republican landslide that flipped the control of Congress and sent a Democratic presidency careening into a ditch, the lesser-reported story was the shakeup at the top of state governments. Overnight, Republicans went from 20 to … Continue reading

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Overtime Scenarios

Now that we’re inside 1,000 hours until Election Day (936 hours and shrinking, when the sun rose this morning), it’s time to ask: what do political junkies once the voting is over? The answer: if they’re lucky, the election goes … Continue reading

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Peach Pit Stop

Some interesting numbers from Georgia, where a U.S. Senate race could affect the balance of power in Washington — and a governor’s race could help improve a former president’s legacy. The data, done by the Hicks Evaluation Group for the … Continue reading

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One for All . . . Nunn for All?

Earlier today, I posted a piece on the nations governors races that included this strategy memo┬áby the campaign of Florida Gov. Rick Scott. It’s an interesting look at how a vulnerable incumbent is making do in a very complicated purple … Continue reading

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