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Will California (Once Again) Fear the Reefer?

On Tuesday, and with little fanfare (maybe that’s because smoke has a hard time wafting down from the Last Frontier to the Lower 48), Alaska became just the third state in the U.S. to legalize marijuana use. Oregon and Washington, … Continue reading

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2018 In California Takes Shape

That’s not a typo — you read the year right. We’re talking the Golden State’s 2018 governor’s race, not 2016 and the more immediate set of races in the Golden State (most notably, finding Sen. Barbara Boxer’s heir or heiress). … Continue reading

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Life After Boxer, In Brief

And so, of all the senators up for reelection in 2016, Barbara Boxer becomes to first domino to fall — the fourth-term California Democrat announcing Thursday that she’s headed for retirement. Two things about Boxer’s decision: 1) It probably won’t … Continue reading

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California Republican Evolution, The Next Step

All of California’s congressional races are now settled, and the outcomes are a little unsettling for a Golden State GOP that though it might walk away with some gains in America’s largest state in this otherwise strong year for Republicans … Continue reading

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In California: Johnny T For The W?

You run 435 confessional races across the country and you’re going to come up with some unlikely characters. Take Arizona’s 5th Congressional District where Democrat James Woods (no. not the actor — who’s a pretty outspoken conservative) sought to make … Continue reading

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The Future of California’s GOP

I have a column in today’s Sacramento Bee on the state of the California Republican Party going into the 2014 election. Here it is, if you’re interested. Long story short: 1) Unlike 1978, when Republicans had success on the statewide … Continue reading

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Even Blue States Get The Blahs

Forget about cats being the epitome of indifference (it’s not my line — I stole it from The Big Bang Theory). In 2014, it’s the American voter who, given the choice between red and blue, seems to be trending blasé. … Continue reading

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