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56 Days to Go: Senate Watch

With 56 days to go, here are three looks at possible Senate outcomes for November. First up: Stuart Rothenberg, the esteemed election handicapper. He’s predicting a Republican gain of 7 seats. Actually. Rothenberg is comfortable with anything from 5-8 seats. … Continue reading

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Obama’s Pineapple Distress

Losing the Senate this November would be tantamount to Barack Obama’s presidency hitting rock bottom. But there may be a rock the President strikes before that: Saturday’s Democratic primary in his native Hawaii, where an incumbent U.S. Senator and a … Continue reading

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Alexander’s Tennessee Waltz

Actually, “waltz” might not be the right word to describe Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander’s expected primary win tomorrow night. That would suggest an uncontested breeze. Alexander does in fact have competition in the form of state Rep. Joe Carr. And … Continue reading

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92 Days to Go: Order in the House? Probably.

Last week, we took a quick spin through the nation’s Senate and governors races and didn’t talk about the fight for control of the House of Representatives. It’s wasn’t a purposeful omission. Still, don’t confuse this with a cliffhanger. The Washington Post’s … Continue reading

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August: In Like a Lion . . .

Astrologically speaking, Leos (born July 23-August 22) are said to be confident, ambitious, generous, loyal and encouraging. Politically, Leo enters the month roaring like a lion, then kinda slinks away like a lamb. We have contentious Senate primaries in the … Continue reading

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One for All . . . Nunn for All?

Earlier today, I posted a piece on the nations governors races that included this strategy memo by the campaign of Florida Gov. Rick Scott. It’s an interesting look at how a vulnerable incumbent is making do in a very complicated purple … Continue reading

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Yes, Virginia, There’s Still a War on Women

Give the Old Dominion credit: the same “war of women” that worked wonders for President Obama in 2012, the commonwealth’s Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe in 2013 and may work yet for Hillary Clinton (or some other Democrat to be named later) … Continue reading

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