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Life After Romney

The week ends with a bang, not a whimper, what with the bombshell that Mitt Romney won’t seek the presidency. Count me among the surprised. I thought The Weekly Standard’s Jonathan V. Last summed it up nicely in the following … Continue reading

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Revenge of the McCainiacs: Golden Graham?

One other note about the aforementioned Fox News Poll on the presidential field: you may be wondering what South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham is doing among the names of possible GOP candidates. Perhaps Graham will provide that answer when he … Continue reading

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2016 Poll Positions

What’s a race without odds, or an idea of who’s at the front of the pack? Thanks to the good folks at Fox News, we have this poll of where Republican and Democratic hopefuls stand a calendar year or so … Continue reading

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Does Iowa Have Too Much Clout? Yes, So Here’s a Fix.

A group of Republican presidential aspirants gathered in Iowa over the weekend, prompting two rather predictable outcomes. 1) The media choosing winners and losers. In the thumbs-up category, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. His argument for smaller government got high marks … Continue reading

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Temporarily Closed For Repairs

“Races” won’t be running for a few days, so that we can do a little fiddling with the site’s design. When we resume, we’ll throw ourselves full-bore (hopefully, not becoming a bore) into the 2016 presidential race, as well as … Continue reading

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Life After Boxer, In Brief

And so, of all the senators up for reelection in 2016, Barbara Boxer becomes to first domino to fall — the fourth-term California Democrat announcing Thursday that she’s headed for retirement. Two things about Boxer’s decision: 1) It probably won’t … Continue reading

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How Long Does the Senate Stay Republican?

You won’t hear much talk about the House changing hands in 2016. With 247 seats under Republican control, Nancy Pelosi would need a Democrat landslide the likes of which hasn’t been seen since 2006 to make that happen. As there … Continue reading

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