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Five Days Remaining — 5 House Seats To Watch

There are way more than five House races in play next Tuesday (24 toss-ups, according to Real Clear Politics). We just decided to go with five that happen to be playing out in 2016 battleground states. That would include: Colorado’s … Continue reading

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Six Days Remaining — Pick Your Senate Six -Pack

As the late Casey Kasem would have said: “And now, on with the countdown . . . number six”. In the 2014 election, that can mean only one thing: the chance of Republicans making a net gain of six Senate … Continue reading

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One Week Remaining — 7 Random Thoughts

With seven days to go until the election, seven random thoughts: 1) Let’s start with this smart column from The Daily Beast re. how Campaign 2014 is a rehash of the culture wars that have divided the nation. It picked … Continue reading

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There He Goes Again — 50 Years Later

We take a break from 2014’s shenanigans to look back 50 years to one of the most pivotal political speeches in the second half of the 20th Century. Not pivotal in terms of what it meant to the 1964 presidential … Continue reading

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Monday Poll Mashup

Let’s start the week with an assortment of surveys and see what they tell us about an election that’s only eight days away (hard to believe, ain’t it?). 1) Is This The Wave At Long Last? Per the weekend’s Wall … Continue reading

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The Future of California’s GOP

I have a column in today’s Sacramento Bee on the state of the California Republican Party going into the 2014 election. Here it is, if you’re interested. Long story short: 1) Unlike 1978, when Republicans had success on the statewide … Continue reading

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Even Blue States Get The Blahs

Forget about cats being the epitome of indifference (it’s not my line — I stole it from The Big Bang Theory). In 2014, it’s the American voter who, given the choice between red and blue, seems to be trending blasé. … Continue reading

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