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Can Jeb Become Persona Grata?

If you don’t like what the Republicans and Democrats are offering in the way of presidential candidates, here’s an alternative: Waka Flocka Flame, an Atlanta-based rapper who wants to be your next commander-in-chief. On Monday, which also happened to be … Continue reading

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And Rubio Makes It Three

And then there were three . . . Republicans running for the president, now that Marco Rubio has made it official. Three senators, none yet to complete a first term in Washington . . . Three first-time presidential hopefuls, all … Continue reading

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New Video, New Campaign, A New Hillary?

Under the guise of how to keep an idiot in suspense, I spent a good part of my Sunday waiting for Hillary Clinton’s much-anticipated Twitter announcement. And then it came – surprise! – John Podesta, her campaign’s senior advisor, issuing … Continue reading

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Rand Currency?

And then there were two announced presidential candidates (well, more like 195 if you dig a little deeper through the FEC’s files), now that Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul has officially tossed his hat in the ring (here’s the video). About … Continue reading

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Chaining Of The Guard

Fifty-seven years ago this fall, a convicts-on-the-lam film hit the bit screen. The Defiant Ones, starring Tony Curtis and Sidney Poitier, was more than a tale about two escapees from a chain gang trying to make their way to freedom. … Continue reading

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Reiding Between The Lines

His decision not to seek another Senate sent Washington into a tizzy last week, begging questions as to what prompted the surprise career choice and what it portends for control of the chamber beyond 2016. But enough about Indiana Sen. … Continue reading

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Better a Brown-In Or Brown-Out?

I have this op-ed in this morning’s Sacramento Bee about California Gov. Jerry Brown and the 2016 presidential campaign. Brown’s pretty much closed the book on what would be a fourth run for the White House. That includes this back-and-forth … Continue reading

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