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On Arnold, Ronald And The Donald

So I’ve managed to step in it . . . Today’s Sacramento Bee has this column, authored by yours truly, on Donald Trump and his California connections. Those connections: California legislative Democrats who’ve introduced a resolution condemning TrumpĀ (they don’t want … Continue reading

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Obama 2016 — Michelle, Not Barack

To the assumption that there’s but one Democrat in the White House who can ride to the party’s rescue and save it from the comedy/tragedy that is Hillary Clinton’s presidential effort — his name being Vice President Joe Biden — … Continue reading

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Amtrak Democrats

I just wrote this column for Real Clear Politics on what I call the five “Amtrak Democrats” seeking the presidency in 2016. Why the term? Simple: because running for the Democratic nomination is pretty much the equivalent of hopping aboard … Continue reading

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Five 2016 Candidates Who Could Change the GOP

I posted this piece to my blog. The premise: once your start narrowing the field of 17 Republican presidential candidates, there are arguably five candidates with the potential to move the party in a different direction — in doing … Continue reading

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Three 2016 What-If’s

What does it say about America’s two major political parties when their two hottest summertime commodities (which I’d define as presidential candidates drawing unexpectedly large crowds or defying polling gravity) are: 1) A guy atop the GOP field who calls … Continue reading

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Hillary’s Very Brady Problem

Tom Brady just got handed a four-game suspension for his role in “Deflategate”. Poor fella. He now has to spend a month of Sundays cooped up at home, with Gisele. If I were DirecTV’s braintrust, I’d try to convince Brady … Continue reading

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GOP Bracketology — A July Version

Now that Scott Walker’s in the race, with John Kasich on tap for next week, the GOP’s 2016 field soon will total 16 presidential candidates. We can rank them, 1-16. Or, go by tiers. Or, pick names out of a … Continue reading

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