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California Republican Evolution, The Next Step

All of California’s congressional races are now settled, and the outcomes are a little unsettling for a Golden State GOP that though it might walk away with some gains in America’s largest state in this otherwise strong year for Republicans … Continue reading

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Should The Empire Strike Back?

I have this column in today’s Sacramento Bee on President Obama’s upcoming move on immigration and the Republican reaction to the highly-anticipated executive order. My concern, to borrow a line from Star Wars’ Admiral Ackbar: It’s a trap. Allow me … Continue reading

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Nancy With The Laughing Denies

The Washington Post has laid out a pretty unflattering look at House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi — well, not so much a concern about the gentle lady from San Francisco as it is her mathematic skills (and her ability to … Continue reading

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Hail To The (Electoral) Victor!

Love it or hate it, it just wouldn’t be a presidential cycle without at least one state threatening to mess with America’s Electoral College. Our first 2016 entry: the great state of Michigan, where State Rep. Pete Lund, a Republican, introduced … Continue reading

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Alaska Settled; Christie No So Much

Over the weekend, Alaska GOP Gov. Sean Parnell conceded defeat to challenger Bill Walker on what was, in part, a hat-tip to the concept of good government (as Alaska will sear in its new governor on Dec. 1, this gives Walker a sporting … Continue reading

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Collaring Her Support

Politics these days is for the birds . . . and apparently cats as well. The ceaseless (or is it incessant) Ready for Hillary crew is out with its latest fundraising gimmick: “Ready” kitty collars that go for $20.16 (get … Continue reading

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In Louisiana: Hail Mary Time

A good question posed by this Politico article: “Does Mary Landrieu have a prayer?” Why the dire religious overtones? It begins with this internal poll showing GOP Rep. Bill Cassidy holding a 16-point lead over Landrieu in their Dec. 6 runoff … Continue reading

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