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To Command Without Having Served

This Memorial Day found President Obama laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington Cemetery. As for the man or woman who’ll be doing this honor in 2017, there’s a question of a connection (or lack … Continue reading

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2016: Do Looks Matter?

Is 2016 about ideas, issues and integrity — or is it little more than a beauty contest? Over the course of the next year, you’re going to hear plenty of theories as to what guarantees victory in a president election. For … Continue reading

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Sweet Loretta?

You can’t blame Californians for being somewhat jaded, if not downright disinterested in statewide elections. Just look at the numbers. Jerry Brown won last year’s gubernatorial contest by 20 points without working up a sweat (or bothering to run ads). … Continue reading

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Bolton’s Swan Song

In something of a surprise (given that few Republicans have taken a pass), former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton has declared that he won’t run for president, begging the question of which Michael Bolton song best describes a courtship that won’t … Continue reading

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Trump And No Trump Bidding

There was plenty to take away from this weekend’s Freedom Summit in Greenville, S.C., which featured nearly a dozen Republican presidential candidates (here’s a tick-tock of the day’s proceedings from a local publication). Such as: 1) Hawks. Maybe it has … Continue reading

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2015 Governor’s Races And The Republican “Red Wall”

Before we get to 2016, there’s some housekeeping to attend to. Specifically, three gubernatorial contests on tap for later this year. The states in play: Kentucky, Louisiana and Mississippi. Will they offer any windows into the health of the two … Continue reading

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Three More Presidential Candidates — Plus Another 300 Or So

All Hail President Emperor Caesar – and the other 300-plus White House hopefuls. It’ll be a busy week in presidential politics, what with three Republican hopefuls making their candidacies official in the next few days. That would include: 1) Dr. Ben … Continue reading

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