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35 Days Out: A Poli-Sci Perspective

Hold a conference on election-year politics and you won’t find three smarter minds than this trio of Hoover Institution political scientists: David Brady, Morris Fiorina and Doug Rivers. I sat through a joint presentation by the trio yesterday morning, to … Continue reading

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For Republicans, Who’s The Face of the Franchise?

I’m taking part in a media colloquium at the Hoover Institution today — what should be a fun and informative back-and-forth over what to look for in the 2014 election: surprise races, likely November outcomes, plus lessons for the two … Continue reading

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Overtime Scenarios

Now that we’re inside 1,000 hours until Election Day (936 hours and shrinking, when the sun rose this morning), it’s time to ask: what do political junkies once the voting is over? The answer: if they’re lucky, the election goes … Continue reading

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On This Day In History . . .

With 40 days to go until The Big Vote, we turn to the pages of history to tell us what’s missing from this election. September 25, 1981.  Sandra Day O’Connor becomes the first woman to be sworn in as a … Continue reading

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Crime and Silence in California

I wrote this op-ed for Fox News on November’s Proposition 47 and the question of what happened to public safety as a defining political issue in California. About Prop 47: if approved, it would reduce the classification of most “nonserious and … Continue reading

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Gates Enters the Gun Debate

Welcome to Jeopardy, the political edition . . . “I’ll take “Billionaires and 2014″ for $200, Alex.” “This Hungarian-born financier has donated $500,000 apiece to the House Majority PAC and the League of Conservation Voters Victory Fund — and his daughter’s … Continue reading

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Rock Chalk, Jayhawk Squawk

With all due respect to Dorothy Gale, Sen. Pat Roberts has a big problem in his increasingly bitter re-election fight: he’s not in Kansas anymore. Actually, that’s not quite true. Roberts, age 78 and a fixture in his state’s congressional … Continue reading

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