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Puppy Love In Arizona

Call it: #WCW . . . Women Candidates Wednesday. Another video: this one an example of how to handle over-the-top attacks with humor and satire. The ad’s for Martha McSally, the GOP challenger to Rep. Ron Barber in Arizona’s 2nd … Continue reading

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Aging Like Fine Swine

During the closing days of the election, we’ll share some of the closing arguments being made in the battleground races. Here’s a new ad from Joni Ernst, the Republican Senate challenger in Iowa. Entitled “Lot”, it’s actually familiar turf for … Continue reading

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2014 Triskaidekaphobia

Ok, so that’s a mighty big word stating at you in the headline. Translated, it means “the fear of the number 13″ — an appropriate topic given that we’re 13 days away from the election, Republicans are feeling bullish about … Continue reading

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Time To Start Thinking Democratic Shake-up?

With two week to go until Election Day, it may be premature to start tap-dancing on a grave. That said, there’s the question of what the Democrats’ next move (or moves) should be if the November vote doesn’t go their … Continue reading

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Hillary And The Big Blue Bubble

As I write this, Hillary Clinton is gathered in a roomful of admirers in Brentwood, a fashionable enclave of Los Angeles, gathering money on behalf of the Democratic Senatorial Committee. The good news: her visit there causedĀ far less traffic hell … Continue reading

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For Republicans: Michigan Senate Blues

Two story lines emerging from the Wolverine State this fall: 1) What happened to the University of Michigan’s storied football program (the 3-4 Wolverines face the unpleasant task of visiting #8 Michigan State next weekend)? 2) What happened to the … Continue reading

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Diva Watch: Babs, HRC Make A Money Pitch

Times change, some celebrity activists don’t. Back in 1986, when Democrats were pushing to gain majority control of the U.S. Senate, Barbra Streisand held a concert/moneymaking live album-taping on behalf of her party. As the unofficial website Barbra Archives recalls: … Continue reading

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