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A Nuclear-Free Florida Vote

Try this for a 2014 surprise: Florida, the state which gave American hanging chads and a nation paralyzed by a sketchy statewide vote back at the beginning of this century, has found a peaceful way to settle elections. Unable to … Continue reading

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Eye Carly

I have this op-ed in Wednesday’s Sacramento Bee discussing, among other things, talk of Carly Fiorina entering the 2016 Republican presidential field. If you’re not from California and unfamiliar with her body of work, Fiorina is the former chair of … Continue reading

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Hillary On The Mount?

Work takes me today to New York City, where a politics-related topic is the health of former Gov. Mario Cuomo. Cuomo, age 82 and father of current New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, has been hospitalized with a heart condition, reportedly spending … Continue reading

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AZ’s CD2: Let Us Recount The Ways

To the extent that there’s a light at then end of the tunnel in the still-unresolved race in Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District, it would be the dim fluorescent glow a government office where votes are about to be recounted. At last … Continue reading

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In Louisiana, One Last Hail Mary

In case you forgot, there’s still a Senate race to determine in Louisiana — a runoff that’ll occur next Saturday. On paper, this shouldn’t be close. Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu trails by 15.7%, according to the Real Clear Politics average. … Continue reading

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Goodbye Columbus . . . Or Philly, Or Brooklyn?

Overall, maybe they rather would be in Philadelphia . . . or Brooklyn, or even Columbus, Ohio. Those three cities reportedly are on the short list for host site of the 2016 Democratic National Convention. W.C. Fields jokes aside (the … Continue reading

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California Republican Evolution, The Next Step

All of California’s congressional races are now settled, and the outcomes are a little unsettling for a Golden State GOP that though it might walk away with some gains in America’s largest state in this otherwise strong year for Republicans … Continue reading

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