The Chair Recognizes the Dude from Montana . . .

2014 was supposed to give us at least one celebrity candidacy in the form of Ashley Judd, challenging Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in Kentucky. But that didn’t pan out.

Don’t get your hopes up, but some diehard Democrats in Montana are trying to add a splash of Hollywood to their state’s Senate race, mounting an online petition drive to get actor Jeff Bridges (aka, “The Dude” in The Big Lebowski) onto the ballot.

Here’s the link to Facebook’s “Jeff Bridges for Montana U.S. Senator” page.


Bridges, it turns out, is a resident of Livingston, Montana. No carpetbagger he.

He’s been active on the local front, championing the cause of school breakfasts. He’s also hopscotched Montana in support of food pantries and the state’s “Breakfast After the Bell” initiative led by Montana Gov. Steve Bullock.

Montana Democrats have until the end of the week to scare up a replacement for interim Sen. John Walsh, who terminated his candidacy on Friday amidst accusations that he plagiarized a paper while attending the Army War College. Not a lot of time for an actor to weigh his options.

A White Russian (see the video below) says Bridges doesn’t jump into the race, even if there’s a very historical lure (no Republican has held this particular seat in 100 years). Still, a quick glimpse over at Bridge’s page shows that he’s carrying a light workload these days (just postproduction voiceover work),

Who else of the big-name variety could fill the Montana Senate void, assuming Bridges isn’t interested? We’re just having fun here . . .

There’s always:

1) Ted Turner, who owns a ranch near Bozeman;

2) Phil Jackson, the NBA coaching legend and owner of a summer retreat on Flathead Lake;

3) Ted “the Unabomber” Kaczynski, who lived in a log cabin in Lincoln before the feds captured him.

On second thought, usually a politician goes to Washington and then terrorizes the villagers . . .

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19 Responses to The Chair Recognizes the Dude from Montana . . .

  1. Buck Bagaw says:

    If Al Franken can get elected, anybody can. And, he having played a space alien and a pot smoking, washed up hippie, I believe him to be qualified for the position.


  2. Harry says:

    This gets funnier every day. Court jesters with much more money than brains who make their living in a 2 dimensional world are being offered up by their stoned peers and worshipers as solutions to a 3 dimensional world that they have no idea about nor experience in.


  3. myron monk says:

    Democrats are just stupid enough to do this… and their Low-Info base are just as stupid to put this guy in office. Fortunately, Montana is not overrun by leftist idiots like California.


  4. Jon Gates says:

    sorry, no vote from me. IMO, we need a REAL Montanan, and a REAL Senator, A “celebrity Senator” is something we do NOT need.
    Sadly, the other choices aren’t all that great, either!


  5. ImJustAGuy says:

    Will Montana elect the Hollywood Hippie? Does the Hollywood Hippie even want the job? It would be such a drag.


  6. Jim in Florida says:

    There WAS a celebrity candidate this year. Former SNL cast member Victoria Jackson ran as an independent for a seat on a local Tennessee county commission, and lost, just days ago. The story even made the MailOnline news site in the UK.


  7. Fred Beloit says:

    But he’s not the Dude, he only played him in the movies.


  8. Daniel Fagan says:

    Good God, what would qualify this actor to be anything but an actor? Regan had been a union president and a governor before running for president. We already have a very unfunny comedian in the senate, we don’t need any more Hollyweird in Washington.


  9. Jack Meeoff says:

    Looks like the 100 year run of leftist nitwits is about to end


  10. If he is that stupid to run as a demonic-rat, then he will suffer the consequences as well. He will also suffer financially. I will lose all respect for him. He is an excellent actor, why reduce yourself to a politician?


  11. SRW says:

    Wasn’t Baucus bad enough… your real last Senator pushed/carried OBUMOCARE thru the Senate. Why not try for a real person. Not some one just being a Democrat.


  12. lynn labauve says:

    If he want’s to crap on his career then go for it Jeff.


  13. Mike0oSS says:

    Don’t do it Dude…..


  14. bondmen says:

    There are a plethora of wealthy “progressive” Democrats inhabiting Big Sky country. I wonder, does one of them have any business experience or common sense?


  15. Ofay Cat says:

    Please don’t make me hate the Dude. I love Jeff Bridges, if he goes into liberal politics …. I will hate him for ever. Just sayin’.


  16. LWJR says:

    Montana can become the next Minnesota. Electing Pro Wrestlers and SNL Comedians. People so dumb in Montana they will vote for any old Actor…aka Ronald Reagan


  17. GozieBoy says:

    A bookend for Stuart Smalley…


  18. Nabi Smith says:

    Somewhere Lloyd is so embarrassed .


  19. Paladin says:

    So, Star Man lives in MT??


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