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Louisiana Housing Crisis?

The easiest way to portray a congressional incumbent as more a creature of Washington than the home state? Just prove that they don’t have local residency. Or so Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu’s learning the hard way, as the fact that … Continue reading

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A Terrible Idea, By George . . . For George

We end the week with a little celebrity news — news that could spill over into the 2014 election, if it’s to be believed. Per this report, George Clooney will soon be sending out invites to his wedding, which is … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney, Iowa Road Hog?

Imagine you’re Chris Christie, Rand Paul or Marco Rubio and you’ve been planning a presidential run since — well, ever since Mitt Romney conceded on Election Night 2012. So far, you don’t lack for sweat equity. You’ve raised money for … Continue reading

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Turning on One’s Tarheel?

I’m going to give you a list of 12 the year’s most competitive Senate races and you decide if any is a difference-maker as far as control of the chamber is concerned. The “dirty dozen” (in alphabetical, not political order): Alaska, … Continue reading

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Out of Africa, Into Arkansas

Politicians have been called some pretty terrible things in this election.  In Alabama, for example, GOP Rep. Mo Brooks accused Democrats of wanting to wage “a war on whites” that dates back to Barack Obama’s first presidential run. Then there’s Indiana Rep. … Continue reading

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Elvis Lives — in Alaska

Call it art imitates life — or, more precisely, politician imitates artist. Among the many urban legends associated with Elvis Presley: that he once pulled out a gun and opened fire on a 25-inch RCA — all because he couldn’t bear … Continue reading

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Cactus League Results

You don’t have to be familiar with the Coen Brothers’ body of work to know that there’s something . . . well, a little different about Arizona. It begins with a territory that couldn’t get a state constitution signed into law … Continue reading

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