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Immigration, By the Numbers

An interesting take on the House Republicans’ approach to illegal immigration and the rush to act before the congressional recess, courtesy of this Bloomberg View editorial: “House Republicans today killed their own bill on the immigration crisis, which may be just as well: … Continue reading

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Street-Side Candidate

Name the odder scenario: 1) Anti-tax advocate and enemy-of-the-left Grover Norquist reportedly attending this year’s Burning Man festival, at the end of August in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert (tune in, turn on . . . drop the payroll tax?) 2) California … Continue reading

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Curse of the Bushbino

He was one of the more ardent baseball fans to work out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that former President George W. Bush made it a point to join the team he once co-owned … Continue reading

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A Familiar Clinton Story — Does It Really Matter?

First, the British media ran with the story, now The National Enquirer is chiming in with a second-hand account about Bill Clinton and an alleged affair that’s been on-again and off-again during his post-presidency. The original source: this book on the Secret … Continue reading

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South of the Border, Down Mexico Way

California Gov. Jerry Brown is in Mexico this week, signing an accord on climate change and — finally — interjecting himself into the border crisis debate. I choose the word “finally” because Brown was all-in on immigration in 2013, promising to … Continue reading

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One for All . . . Nunn for All?

Earlier today, I posted a piece on the nations governors races that included this strategy memo by the campaign of Florida Gov. Rick Scott. It’s an interesting look at how a vulnerable incumbent is making do in a very complicated purple … Continue reading

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Yes, Virginia, There’s Still a War on Women

Give the Old Dominion credit: the same “war of women” that worked wonders for President Obama in 2012, the commonwealth’s Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe in 2013 and may work yet for Hillary Clinton (or some other Democrat to be named later) … Continue reading

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