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Month: September 2017

Getting Justice After A Refinery Accident

Getting Justice After A Refinery Accident

In every refinery, the highest safety standards are always enforced by the management and workers. This is because the engineers and other workers in a refinery deal with volatile gases and inflammable oil. The aim of safety precautions is to prevent accident and keep the workers safe. However, refinery accidents happen sometimes even in spite of all these safety measures. In many cases, these accidents lead to injuries and injuries lead to litigation. Below are some reasons accidents in a refinery can lead to litigation.

Criminal Negligence
If an accident occurs in a refinery, investigators will be called in to look into the matter. These investigators will try to reconstruct the accident scene. Their job is to find out the cause of the accident and try to figure out if any foul play was involved. If sabotage is ruled out, the investigators check safety standards in the refinery. If the investigators establish that the organization was negligent in any way, the company can be sued for criminal negligence of duty. Apart from suing the company, officials responsible for negligence will also be tried in their personal capacity.

Inconsistent insurance policies
The law compels oil companies to take out the right insurance policies for their workers. This is perfectly in order because these workers operate in a high risk environment. If the oil company takes out the right insurance policies for workers but falls behind in paying the insurance premium, this will constitute grounds for litigation. In cases where one or two of these policies were not taken out for the workers, the oil company can get into serious trouble.

Final Word
Refinery accidents are not common but they still happen sometimes. If you work in a refinery and you are injured in an accident, you have grounds for litigation. Get in touch with competent personal injury lawyer immediately. This legal expert will sue the company on your behalf and ensure that you get justice.